Boehm (in American English, usually pronounced "Bame") is a German surname, transliterated from Bhm (literally: Bohemian, from Bohemia) or reflective of a spelling adopted by a given family before the introduction of the umlaut diacritic. It may refer to:nAleksandra Zikowska-Boehm (born 1949), American-Polish authornBarry Boehm (born 1935), American software engineernChristopher Boehm (b. 1931) American Anthropologist, PrimatologistnDavid Boehm (18931962), American screenwriternDoug Boehm (born 1969), American record producer and sound engineernEdward Marshall Boehm (19131969), American sculptornElisabet Boehm (18591943), German feminist and writernErhard F. Boehm (19111994), Australian farmer and amateur ornithologistnGero von Boehm (born 1954), German journalistnGottfried Boehm (born 1942), German art historian and philosophernHenry Boehm (17751875), American clergyman and pastornJeffrey Boehm (17571823), British Naval OfficernJoseph Boehm (Sir (Joseph) Edgar Boehm, 18341890), Austrian sculptornMartin Boehm (17251812), American clergyman and pastornMary Louise Boehm (19282002), American pianist and painternPaul Boehm (born 1974), Canadian skeleton racernPeter Boehm, Canadian diplomatnRobert Boehm (19142006), American political activistnRon Boehm (born 1943), retired ice hockey wingernRoy Boehm (19242008), known as the "First SEAL"; established the U.S. Navy's first SEAL Team.nSydney Boehm (19081990), American screenwriter and producernTheobald Boehm (17941881), Bavarian inventor and musiciannBoehm system of flute fingeringnBoehm system (clarinet), a similar system for the clarinetnnTheodore R. Boehm (born 1938), Justice of the Indiana Supreme CourtnTraugott Wilhelm Boehm (18361917) founder of Hahndorf Academy in South Australia

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